Gift a Month

Welcome to our new ‘Gift-a-Month’ Program

It is amazing how small regular gifts can make a BIG difference.  Check out the impact you can make with a regular monthly contribution!


The Gift of Water*

The first essential for life is water. Fresh, clean, oxygen filled water. Two water bore holes are drilled at each IGF school, as well as for needy isolated communities. Rainwater tanks are also installed to collect precious rain. Having onsite water bores at each school addresses the water shortage problem so prevalent in northern Uganda.

Gift per monthChooseCan cover the cost of:
Clean drinking water for 13 people each month. That's 156 people in a year!
Clean drinking water for 28 people each month. That's 336 people in a year!
Clean drinking water for 93 people each month. That's1,116 people in a year!






The Gift of Education*

Literacy and formal education are essential in the fight against poverty. IGF addresses this by providing access to quality primary education among disadvantaged children and youth in the Kitgum district in northern Uganda.

Gift per monthChooseCan cover the cost of:
Providing essentials to teachers like chalk, pens, markers and paper.
Providing vital nutrition, children are provided with 2 meals per day while at school, helping them to focus on their learning.
By contributing a teacher's salary you are assisting in the education of vulnerable children


The Gift of Health Care*

Malnourished babies and children affected by HIV/AIDS are cared for through the IGF Hospice, providing much needed nutrition and medicine.  In addition, a new women’s and children’s hospital is currently being built which will save many lives as 16 mothers die daily from child birth related complications in Uganda.

Gift per monthChooseCan cover the cost of:
Enabling children to access medical treatment at the school clinic and educating kids about good hygiene. 
Powdered milk for a malnourished baby, providing the necessary nutrition for a healthy start to life 
The current doctor patient ratio in Kitgum is 1:50,000. Contributing to the training and education of more doctors and nurses will help save the lives of children and adults in the community.
* Please note that if projects are over funded, funds may be directed towards other project activities.  All tax deductible donations are considered to be gifts to the J746 & J747 projects with GDG.  Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 will be issued by the Irene Gleeson Foundation (ABN 40 371 749 224).