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  • Primary Education

    Primary Education

    Education for children is at the heart of all IGF does.  Our mission is to see that our children have more opportunities than their parents had, and to assist them to...

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  • Access to Clean Water

    Access to Clean Water

    IGF has installed 36 water bores with pumps in its schools and in surrounding communities.  In 2014, IGF has worked in partnership with Water Harvest International (based in Juba, South...

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  • Childrens’ Medical Centre

    Childrens’ Medical Centre

    Caring for sick or dying parents infected with HIV/AIDS was one of the causes preventing children attending school.  In 2005, IGF built a 60 bed AIDS hospice which gave dignified...

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  • School Clinics

    School Clinics

    IGF provides first aid services through school clinics operating in each of its schools.  When more complicated cases arise, students are referred to IGF health facility for more comprehensive medical...

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  • Building latrines and hygiene promotion

    Building latrines and hygiene promotion

    All IGF schools and health facilities have drainable latrine blocks, hand washing containers and rubbish pits for proper disposal of waste.  Students are educated in basic sanitation and hygiene practices...

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  • Vocational Education & Training

    Vocational Education & Training

    Education and training, two of the most important investments in the future of any community, greatly declined during the 20-year insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army.  The war destroyed existing...

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  • Construction of a Women’s Hospital

    Construction of a Women’s Hospital

    Currently in Uganda, 16 mothers die daily from childbirth related complications – with most of these deaths being preventable with the right care.  Mama Irene’s response to this horrendous situation was to...

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  • Community Health Education

    Community Health Education

    IGF works with the government health officials to conduct community health education and sensitization on HIV/AIDS prevention and other community health challenges through its Mighty Fire 91.5 FM radio.  Continued...

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  • Mighty Fire 91.5FM

    Mighty Fire 91.5FM

    IGF seeks to educate, inform and empower the people living in northern Uganda to build sustainable communities through its Mighty Fire 91.5FM radio station.   Through the radio, IGF targets at...

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