Building latrines and hygiene promotion

All IGF schools and health facilities have drainable latrine blocks, hand washing containers and rubbish pits for proper disposal of waste.  Students are educated in basic sanitation and hygiene practices – particularly the importance of hand washing.

UN research in Uganda has revealed that many girls will not attend school on the days they are menstruating due to a lack of affordable protection materials and the fear of stigmatization (UN-Habitat (2012) Provision of Affordable Sanitary Pads to the Disadvantaged Primary School Girls – Kampala, UGANDA). Why are we citing this stat and no other?  IGF provides female students with sanitary pads as part of its WASH program.  This promotes gender equality in the access of a basic education and reduces the rampant cases of absenteeism among adolescent girls.  All IGF adolescent girls benefit from this activity.

IGF’s Mighty Fire 91.5 FM community radio, which broadcasts to over 1 million people, also promotes the importance of hygiene and sanitation and aims to mobilize the community to participate in safe water and sanitation initiatives.  Local community groups and parents are also encouraged to construct pit latrines in their homes.