Construction of a Women’s Hospital

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Currently in Uganda, 16 mothers die daily from childbirth related complications – with most of these deaths being preventable with the right care.  Mama Irene’s response to this horrendous situation was to build a women’s hospital offering quality maternal services with a strong emphasis on care and love for the mothers.

With limited resources, in 2011 she started the foundation of the 3-storey hospital building which is to provide both prenatal and postnatal services for the mothers of Kitgum.

With support from Daystar TV in USA, the construction of the building reached the 3rd floor. In 2014, on the one year anniversary of her death, thousands came to Kitgum to honor Mama Irene. Over 1,000 walked “In Her Footsteps” to raise money to finish her dream. Over 50m Uganda Shillings was raised, and this money has been vital in continuing the work you see today.  Friends in Australia have donated assorted medical equipment to start the operation of the hospital.

Today, this three-story building has been roofed and plastered. Painting has begun while plumbing and electrical wiring are being carried out. All of this work is due to one woman’s belief and the laying of a simple foundation.

There is still great need for medical personnel, drugs, equipment and ongoing operating costs, so we continue to seek your support for this amazing project.  This hospital will contribute significantly to a reduction in the high mortality rates from childbirth related complications.